“Ensueño” (stylized as enSueño, roughly translated as ‘Reverie’) is a project which I worked on in my time as trainee front end in Genosha, a digital agency. From the very first days on that agency, I started to work with this project. “enSueño” seeked to reconstruct the experience of the Argentinian magazine, “Idilio”. It was published between 1948 and 1951, and it contained a column where women could send letters to have their dreams interpreted by a fictitous doctor.

The website was made on AngularJS, with Wow.js for the floating effects of the elements and different animations. We used Flexbox Grid as a CSS framework. I coded most of the HTML/CSS layouts which were used as templates on the AngularJS structure. I started to learn and understand what the ‘view’ and ‘controllers’ were, too. I had my first experience working with git and deploying with Heroku, where I did very few of them just to test how it worked.

It was quite a fun experience creating this and it felt rewarding when it was presented on December 2017, where my name was listed on the credits. I felt the joy of knowing that my work mattered and that I could help to create experiences for others with code.

To access the website, click on the following image:

El Psicoanálisis Te Ayudará

And you can see the whole credits here.

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